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The Brunner Pouter


"The Brunner Pouter presents an elegant and pleasing appearance. It has a lively and vigorous temperament, characterized by much strutting, bowing, and hopping during courting. This courting play is performed by both cock and hen. An erect, upright posture, providing a long, narrow appearance is most desirable."   .... Encyclopedia of Pigeon Standards  

The Brunner Pouter (or Brunner Cropper) is the smallest of the pouter/cropper family. Originating in Czechoslovakia it is very fine boned, has a delightful personality, can be bred in a wide variety of colors, and is clean legged. The globe (inflated crop) should be round on the Brunner giving nearly the appearance of a ball on a stick. The great difficulty in breeding Brunners is keeping the bulk of the bird fine boned while attaining the round globe. Brunners are very popular in Germany and, as a result of this popularity, have achieved a high level of quality in that country. 

The brunner pouter is indeed an elegant and pleasing pouter. This wonderful little breed combines intense coloration, a huge variety of markings, a friendly temperament, vitality, and the ability to raise its own young! What more could anyone ask from a breed of pigeons?

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