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The American Friends of the Brunner Cropper Club is a specialty pigeon club devoted to the promotion and advancement of the Brunner Cropper in the USA.  More importantly we are a club that promotes friendship among brunner pouter breeders and anyone interested in the beautiful brunner cropper.


Thoughts from the Webmaster

This has been a busy and good year for brunner pouters. Our breed has enjoyed many nice shows and lots of good fanciers promoting the breed. We have been populating the site with articles and information on our breed. Hopefully this resource has been helpful to you. However, we also need your help. I would encourage anyone with pictures, articles, show results, or other pertinent information to contact me and I will work to get it included here. The quality of our site is measured by the richness of its content. Please share!

Thoughts from the President!

Welcome to the AFBCC web site. It is our goal that this site will help to promote the Brunner Cropper in America and help to inform prospective Brunner fanciers about this wonderful little breed. Thanks to the efforts of Bob Bollinger, our Eastern District Director, we can now reach out to fanciers in America, and around the world ,at the click of a mouse. Feel free to explore our site and see what we have to offer. In the future our site will offer standard information, show reports, breeding, showing, and purchasing information about the Brunner Cropper. We will post pictures of our birds and offer interested fanciers the opportunity to contact members of the AFBCC. Over the years our AFBCC members have proven to be more then willing to offer valuable information, or quality birds at reasonable prices, to all interested fanciers. With this in mind I welcome you to the AFBCC web site. We trust the information provided will help to inform you about our breed and possibly spark your interest in the Brunner Cropper. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to your return. Fred Maenpa, President AFBCC.

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President: Fred Maenpa

Secretary / Treasurer:  Mike Hughes

Bulletin Editor: Helen Symington

To join the AFBCC, fill out the following form and send your dues to:


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Mike Hughes

Morenci, AZ

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We are an NPA Affiliated Club

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our site, please contact:

Bob Bollinger



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